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Barcelona, Chicago, Hong Kong and 118 other cities joining World Creativity Day 2021

Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North, Central and South America will celebrate creativity and innovation together on April 21 and 22, 2021

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Exported from Brazil to the four corners of the world, World Creativity Day is considered the largest collaborative creativity festival in the world.

Created in 2014 by psychologist Lucas Foster, the first edition of the festival had the special participation of Briton John Howkins, author of the best-selling Creative Economy and lectures by companies such as Google, Heineken and YouTube. In 2016, a year before the UN included World Creativity and Innovation Day in its official calendar of commemorative dates, executives from companies such as IBM, Google, Bradesco, Banco Itaú, Braskem and GPA and influential professionals from the creative industries were present as speakers. for about 800 participants at the British School of Creative Arts headquarters in Vila Madalena, São Paulo.

In 2017, the World Day of Creativity conceived in Brazil responded to requests by the United Nations Secretary-General on Resolution 71/284 to draw the attention of all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system and other international and international organizations, regional organizations, as well as civil society, including non-governmental organizations and individuals on the April 21 designation as World Day of Creativity and Innovation.

Since then, the initiative has grown exponentially. In 2018, in the first edition held on April 21, we launched the World Creativity Network, a platform so that anyone around the world could have access to services and knowledge to hold a collaborative festival of creativity and innovation in your city. In the first year, 14 cities from north to south of Brazil participated in our creative revolution and carried out more than 300 activities for about 4,500 people.

In 2019, in the second edition of the World Creativity Day held on April 21, we were surprised with more than 50,000 free places in more than 1000 activities offered in 50 cities in 04 countries simultaneously. In all, 22,000 registrations were made in events organized by 580 volunteers in more than 220 spaces such as universities, companies, cultural centers, coworking spaces, museums, parks and public spaces.

In the third edition, in 2020, we were sure that World Creativity Day was much stronger for the value of its community than for the events that it would hold. At the peak of registration, when more than 2100 activities and 1300 volunteers in 115 cities in 15 different countries had already been confirmed at the festival, we had the impact of the new coronavirus pandemic. We had to adapt quickly. Many local leaders gave up, but the vast majority remained united and we carried out with excellence in quality of content and engagement, the first digital version of World Creativity Day. With the participation of 89 cities around the world, 941 activities were made available by the application Creativity Day in OTT and livestreaming formats and had over 12,000 downloads.

Now, in the fourth edition, World Creativity Day has once again exceeded the expectations of the World Creativity Organization, an organized and independent civil society movement responsible for organizing the festival. In just over three weeks of registration, more than 170 people from 121 cities, 98 in Brazil and 23 cities in 15 other countries on almost all continents (out Antarctica) have submitted their applications to receive World Creativity Day representation rights to become ambassadors of the World Creativity Organization as local leaders for World Creativity Day 2021. It is a source of pride and satisfaction to believe that our mission and values ​​are being welcomed and multiplied around the world.

If you are on the list, click on the image below and save it on your cell phone or computer and post it on your instagram feed and stories, always marking and the official profile of @worldcreativityday and putting the hashtag #worldcreativityday # wcd2021 #wcd [nomedasuacity] # creativeleaderswcd

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Share this post at your Instagram stories

Remember that, even if they have been approved, your city will only be part of the World Creativity Day celebrations, after sending the letter of intent signed by the representative announced on this list until February 21, 2021. All representatives will receive through from the email registered at the time of registration, the official document for signature until 23:59 tomorrow (02/18/2021) by email.

Check out the list of candidates and approved cities below and be part of this Creative Revolution:

COUNTRY and NAME (in alphabetical order):


Martha Passos - Kingscliff


See the full list here


David Newman - Vancouver


Cyrille Feybesse - Paris


Mohamed Alaydaroos - Abu Dhabi


Angélica Sátiro - Barcelona


Carla Eboli - Chicago

Hector Ramos - Bryan

Jefferson Agostinho - Orlando

Nicole Cassarino-Conlon - Hartford/USA

Regis Terencio - Los Angeles


Phil Morgan - Hong Kong


Nirish Shakya - London


Maria Natalia Paulino Araujo Alcantara - Milan


Marcos Sadao Maekawa - Tokyo

Sofia Nanka Kamatani - Kobe


Hermien Elago - Windhoek


Samia Afridi - Islamabad


Felipe Zamana - Porto

Marcelle Rebelo - Santo Tirso

Mario Rosa - Lisbon

Nuria Claudia Silva Mendoza - Matosinhos

Sandra Marques - Alverca

Valesca Bender - Braga


Zenón Gerónimo Bazan - Punta Cana


Niels Skjoldner - Malmö

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Lucas Foster |
Partner, LabCriativo

Especialista em criatividade e empresário da economia criativa

  • Lucas Foster |
    Partner, LabCriativo

    Especialista em criatividade e empresário da economia criativa

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