Um novo logotipo foi criado para vender Liverpool em todo o mundo, este vídeo promocional explica:
“Este é o local onde as coisas acontecem porque nós acreditamos”
Isto é Liverpool

We all know Liverpool well. But we all know it differently – we have friends and family here, favourite places and views. It’s a slightly different place, a different experience, for each of us. At the same time, it is one of the world’s most identifiable cities, a powerful international meeting and mixing place with a distinctive voice.

The Liverpool Brand is a way of presenting the essence of the city with immediacy and consistency. An introduction to all the separate stories that live here, no more. And the face of Liverpool that most people recognise is the familiar waterfront skyline, so this is the image we’re using to provide an immediate and powerful visual shorthand. Like the skyline itself, the Liverpool Brand belong to all of us.

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